Give your content a fighting chance in the competitive market through high end Screener and promotional tools.

Take charge of your content by creating professional marketing campaigns via the Media Room Screeners Feature. Fully secured behind studio grade DRM, screeners are delivered with dynamic watermarking and fully controllable as to views and availability.

Customise your deliveries with a professional look easily built from your own or default Artwork sets. Adding logos, banners, posters and email content is all within operator control giving your screener true marketing charisma.

See the result of your campaign through the reporting module verify who received the content, who opened it, number of plays and if permitted who downloaded. Easily edited to extent time frames or plays or even cancel the delivery if incorrect.

Campaign marketing is fully on your click command.

Proxy creation with substantial Adaptive Bit Rate ladder
Proxy delivery with dynamic IP Watermarking
Delivery of Proxy file or Media Room link
Full Artwork enabled customisable to poster, banner and logo
Send to single or mailing list recipient
SMPTE Frame Accurate Player
Full reporting on open and played
Enhanced Audio Handling providing individual track playback
Client limited plays, cancellations and re-delivery
Production screeners

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