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Media Room is an award winning, cloud based content management platform for production, distribution and entertainment entities that provides you room
to move, room to create and room to manage. Content kept secure and available whenever and wherever you need it.

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Media Room

In a competitive market you need a Competitive Edge. Media Room provides the features to put your content at the forefront of your potential buyers scope. Providing professional marketing capabilities Media Room’s screener features allows you to instantly deliver your production to potential buyers or distributors in hi resolution playback fronted by quality banners and poster to gain immediate appeal. Fully secured in a Studio Grade DRM environment and dynamically watermarked your content is safe from unauthorised use and shows your recipients that you are serious about content quality.


Content Management

Stop wasting time searching external hard drives or trolling through hundreds of files looking for content. All your Media Content and related documents can be managed in one place.

Content Search

Avoid knowing that you have a file, but not being able to find it, searching data bases should easy and quick with identification of content visually presented.

Screener and Marketing

Give your content a fighting chance in the competitive market through high end Screener and promotional tools.


Content security has been a feature priority with users required to have unique password and Two Factor Authentication enabled. Many other security measures have been built to maximise protection of your valuable content.


Moving files as Assets to your Project(s) has never been easier with simple Upload function or links. Providing an upload link with an expiry date to a third party allows content from editors or field operators to be sent directly to your Media Room Projects.

Delivery Downloads

Quick and Easy delivery of your feature content via Aspera on Cloud 3Gb/s pipeline gets your content to distribution point rapidly and securely with point-to-point encryption and password protection.

Admin and User Capabilities

Media Room puts you in control of your content through multi layered user permissions against secure MFA login alongside of SSL if required.


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