Content Management

Stop wasting time searching external hard drives or trolling through hundreds of files looking for content. All your Media Content and related documents can be managed in one place.

Media Room allows you or others to upload content directly into your designated Project Categories and provides you customisable search identifiers with unlimited metadata fields, tags and renaming capabilities. Your media files are ingested with Proxy files created for viewing or delivery within your team or across your potential buyers via nominated email link or mail merge functionality. Security of delivered files is governed by Studio grade DRM, Recipient watermarking and password protected all fully controlled by you for playback, time availability and reporting with instant cancelation if required.

Delivery of Master files is just as easy and takes advantage of Aspera on Cloud with speeds of up to 3Gb/s, making despatching features, shorts or trailers an instant experience.

Content divided into self designated Projects.

Totally agnostic file upload capability.
Upload as File Asset or Sealed Package.
Automated Technical Metadata Extraction and display.
Unlimited Descriptive Metadata Customisation capability.
File Tagging for enhanced searching.
Automatic media file conversion into Proxy File.
Customisable front end file layout display and colour theme.

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