Admin and User Capabilities

Media Room puts you in control of your content through multi layered user permissions against secure MFA login alongside of SSL if required.

Complete control over who is assigned as a user, what projects they can access, what permissions they are given and for how long access is granted. Users can be assigned access to one or multiple projects and have varying permissions within the projects. External users for example could be assigned upload permission granting limited ability to simply upload assets for a specified period providing no access to any other features.

Once set up in Media Room the user controls are practically limitless for the Admin User.

Manage all room functions or edit user profiles via the dropdown off the “Dashboard”

Invite users and assign permissions
Create upload links for internal or external users on a project x project basis
Upload content directly to a project and if required add content across projects
Search individual or all projects
Create deliveries and artwork sets
Add, rename or delete Assets.
And many other easy to use features

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