Icon Film is an ‘all rights’ business that distributes content throughout theatrical, home entertainment, ancillary, pay per view, digital, as well as pay and free television channels. Since inception, Icon’s titles have generated over $300 million at the box office in Australia and New Zealand  including the following acclaimed releases; Hacksaw Ridge, Last Cab to Darwin, Love & Mercy, Still Alice, 12 Years a Slave, Zero Dark Thirty, The Queen, The Iron Lady, Slumdog Millionaire, RED, La Vie en Rose and Death at a Funeral.


Facing ever growing production content Icon wanted a better option to storing and accessing the masters of their entire library than their existing LTO solution.  The aim was to have their content reside in a secure, but easily searched and immediately available platform that provided Icon with the instant delivery capability for marketing clips or feature distribution.

For Icon content needs to be immediately available for monetisation through the access any title at any time to view and deliver masters and screener versions.


After researching various systems available on the Australian market Icon Films settled on Media Room and in 2014 commenced the migration of their production library.

As content was received by Silver Trak Digital a preliminary QC and technical inspection was carried out to ensure that the masters were correct and free of errors or corruptions, before uploading into Media Room.


Icon Films has since 2014 satisfactorily utilised Media Room as secure archive storage with instant access for their thousands of master files.  More importantly they have been able to create new marketing opportunities through the ability to deliver the Master or Screener versions of their files, with the added benefits of watermarking and transcoding providing immediate deliveries to broadcasters and VOD platforms across Australia and the world.

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