For more than 30 years NEP has been the broadcast industry’s first choice for project delivery and facilitation expertise. NEP Australia was contracted to record and distribute the Commonwealth Games footage for the Games that was held on the Gold Coast in April 2018.

As part of the distribution, NEP was required to make available legacy footage for each of the Commonwealth Games broadcasters to download prior to the games, as well as travel footage.

During the games NEP produced games highlights, some made available free to the Games broadcasters and with others paying a download and broadcast/streaming fee.


NEP professionally records, stores and produces content. Key to their content capture of the Commonwealth Games they needed to set up a system that facilitated and controlled what content is being accessed by which Games broadcaster. Without having such facility in-house NEP looked for a known and reliable third party supplier who could aggregate the content, process it and have it ready for delivery or download for broadcast.


Silver Trak Digital’s Media Room was found to be a streamlined and easy to use system that would readily compliment NEP content capture. Each Games broadcaster was set-up with a unique Media Room which was monitored and managed for security and billing purposes. Different permissions set within the Media Room system controlled what material could be accessed for viewing and what could be downloaded.


The outcome was evident through the success of the Games broadcast and streaming, with no technical or quality issues reported across the lead up promotion, ceremonies and actual two weeks of competition. More than 20,000 files were played back and more 5,000 files were downloaded/delivered leading up to and during the games.

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