Transmission Films

Launched in 2008, Transmission Films is a leading independent film distributor bringing the best local and international films to Australian and New Zealand audiences. In the ten years of operation Transmission has released over 180 films, including such acclaimed films as The King’s Speech, Amour, Samson & Delilah, The Railway Man, Calvary, Shame, Tracks, Mr Turner, Holding The Man, Suffragette, Carol, Brooklyn and Lion.


Looking for a more substantial and practical solution for storing, cataloguing and searching their growing library Transmission Films researched available technology solutions rather than simply transferring content to LTO tape. Requiring the ability to search and access content by title and other key metadata tags they really needed a solution that provided them 24 x 7 access to content from anywhere and gave them the capability to view, share or download in either hi-res or proxy/mezzanine formats quickly and easily.


Transmission Films migrated their library across to Media Room in 2014. Upon migration Silver Trak Digital provided a Quality Control validation and technical inspection to ensure the masters were correct, before uploading into Media Room.


Icon Films now makes use Media Room as archive storage solution, allowing instant access for their thousands of master files. Media Room offers Icon the facility to transcode and deliver Master files or Screener versions to any broadcast or VOD distribution platform or promotional address within Australia or internationally, with the added benefit of security protections and watermarking.

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