Mar 21, 2016

Leading Media Companies Adopt NetApp StorageGRID Webscale

SUNNYVALE, CA–(Marketwired – Mar 17, 2016) – “StorageGRID Webscale is allowing us to offer more advanced cloud storage functionality at a lower cost than our competitors,” says Andrew Sjoquist, founder of ASE IT. An Australian-based media cloud service provider, ASE IT has a presence in data centers worldwide. “Along with our zero dollar charges on network traffic, it makes a very compelling business case for customers about to move large volumes into a cloud or who have realized significant network cost on the cloud they are on already.”

NetApp® (NASDAQ: NTAP) StorageGRID® Webscale object storage is being adopted by leading media vendors through partner integration and customer implementation. The partner integration provides broadcast and film studios with intelligent policy-driven data management for the entire content lifecycle. In addition, StorageGRID Webscale helps several customers store more than 50 billion media assets.

A massively scalable, software-defined object storage solution for large media repositories, cloud DVRs, and websites and social media sites, StorageGRID Webscale can meet the needs of the most demanding media and entertainment companies. In the past 12 months, media vendors — Aspera, Cantemo, Dalet, OpenText (through CyanGate), Primestream, Signiant, Silvertrak, Spectra Logic, and Vidispine — have validated their Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) interface with StorageGRID Webscale.

With these new StorageGRID Webscale integrations, broadcasters, studios, and media cloud providers are able to enhance existing workflows,” says Jason Danielson, media and entertainment solutions at NetApp. “They can take advantage of the solution’s truly global namespace, data mobility, long-term availability, and enterprise-grade security.”

With StorageGRID Webscale, global media companies can:

  • Ingest content where it is created;
  • Automatically replicate content across sites to where it is needed; and
  • Optimize availability, performance, and, cost as the value of content changes.

Users can set StorageGRID Webscale policies to automatically copy or move aged content to the cloud or to tape if they prefer. This choice is critical because cloud storage pricing and availability models allow deep archives, but they can be prohibitive for active archives with content that is regularly accessed. In addition to as a software-defined storage model, StorageGRID Webscale can also be deployed as an integrated object storage appliance.

Learn more about StorageGRID Webscale and how object storage will continue to transform media repositories. Visit the NetApp booth, #SL10110, at this year’s NAB Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center from April 18 to April 21, 2016.