Mar 23, 2017

Silver Trak joins Aspera to automate at NAB 2017

Launches new Media Room services on Aspera booth SL8124

SYDNEY 20 March 2017 – The days of having to manually do broadcast transcodes and framerate conversions are limited thanks to new functionality to be launched officially at NAB 2017 within Silver Trak Digital’s Media Room, Australia’s first B2B, platform agnostic, smart digital asset management solution.

Silver Trak MD Christian Christiansen explained, “Media Room resides on the Silver Trak Digital cloud; Media Sphere™, giving you the ability to remotely access your digital content 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from your desktop, tablet or smartphone. You can log on to your Media Room secure web portal to upload, store, search, view and share your content and use metadata to enable fast searching and access meaningful metadata reports. At NAB 2017 you’ll see we’ve taken the automated side of Media Room to a whole new level as you can now include automated broadcast transcodes and framerate conversions as part of a fully customisable workflow.”

You can of course do your broadcast transcodes and framerate conversions on an ad hoc basis but the real benefit of Media Room lies in its ability to embed these services into the workflow and then fully automate a file’s delivery.

Christiansen continued, “This is a first in Australia and something that will save Media Room users a significant amount of time and money particularly those producing programmes they need to send to multiple destinations. Whereas previously someone had to manually do the broadcast transcodes and framerate conversions for every programme and then arrange the correct delivery method, this can now be fully automated and sent by Aspera download link, from Aspera to Aspera, by Amazon S3 Push or FTP Push.”

Where many assets are still sent by satellite and will continue to be so Christiansen promotes the complementary side to Media Room’s automation and delivery service adding, “Many companies, particularly those in the new media space want file-based deliveries. By using Media Room they can create individual delivery workflows for each asset and assign a specific codec, framerate and distribution list each completely customised to the recipient including how they would like to have the file delivered. All the user has to do is press the button and Media Room takes care of the rest. Media Room also ensures that all transcodes maintain the highest quality possible.”

A full version of Silver Trak Digital’s Media Room including its new and automated broadcast transcodes and framerate conversions will be demonstrated on the Aspera booth SL8124 at NAB 2017.